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STRATEGY, WE GOT --- Community Filmmaking Entry 5/4/09

In July 2009 Brooklyn Young Filmmakers plans to shoot a short narrative film. We are inviting local residents to be involved in our “Community Filmmaking”. This Monday blog column will keep you updated on our next steps, introduce you to the volunteers and students already involved, and let you know how you might get involved.

(PA Cora Melvin marking the slate and Script Supervisor
Rosemary Roman taking notes during the BACK STREETS shoot)

BACK STREETS (32 mins, 2008)

Brooklyn Young Filmmakers /

Adonis Williams Production

Watch the trailer!

LAST WEEK’S RIDDLE: How can you contribute to Brooklyn Young Filmmakers next Community Filmmaking Project by giving up something that you don’t want?

Brooklyn Young Filmmakers is doing a giant Stoop Sale and we want those things of value you might have stored that you don’t want. Our stoop sale will be Saturday, June 27th. Starting the week of June 8th we will be accepting your donations of items for our sale. (We will put up the details about how, what and where to donate in our June 1st blog posting – but you can start saving your valuables for us now!) Proceeds from the sale will help us shoot our next film in July. Our stoop sale though is about more than us. Read on:

FGInfoX STOOP SALE DAY (1st Annual!), SATURDAY JUNE 27TH: Fort Greene has the Fort Greene House Tour and the SONYA Stroll that take you walking down blocks in the neighborhood you’ve never been to view beautiful homes and challenging artwork. Well here comes the Fort Greene Information X-Change Stoop Sale Day! Walk across the neighborhood bartering over your neighbor’s junk while helping to fund the special projects of neighborhood non-profits.

Brooklyn Young Filmmakers, under its Fort Greene Information X-Change (FGInfoX) Project, is organizing this stoop sale day to also give non-profits a unique way of promoting the work they do. (Block associations and community gardens are also invited to participate.) We will create a neighborhood map showing the “stoops” of participating non-profits and listing the special projects they are fundraising for. Non-profits are encouraged to put together sidewalk presentations about their work (brochures, photos, computer presentations, etc.). Other non-profits that are joining our stoop sale/information day include: Fort Greene SNAP, the Willoughby Senior Center, and Brooklyn Child & Family Services. Participating non-profits will contribute to the cost of publishing the FGInfoX Stoop Sale Day map and help develop a media and outreach campaign.

What Your Organization Will Get Out of Participating:
- A fun project for your volunteers to coordinate
- A new way for your staff, volunteers, and supporters to contribute to your non-profit by donating items for the stoop sale
- Contact with neighborhood residents who might not otherwise make contact with your organization
- Positive media
- Great photos!
- $$

Brooklyn Young Filmmakers is inviting non-profits from all sides of the park to participate in the day and be on the map. The FGInfoX Stoop Sale Day has the potential of driving new foot traffic across the neighborhood. Residents from public housing and surrounding working class areas will venture into the more affluent areas of the neighborhood if they have a map showing them where they can find bargains they can afford. More affluent residents will be given a fun reason to go to places in the neighborhood they have never been.

If your Fort Greene/Clinton Hill non-profit is interested in participating in the FGInfoX Stoop Sale Day, contact BYFC at: 718 935-0490 . Please give us your organization’s name and address and a contact name, email, and phone number.


12noon – 6:00pm
105 N. Portland Street
(across from Fort Greene Park, between Myrtle & Park)
(*Visit and download the map!)

Brooklyn Young Filmmakers will screen its films:

BACK STREETS (32min., 2008) Watch the BACK STREETS trailer:

FROM PAWNS TO KINGS (5min., 2008)

POINTING FINGERS (15min., 2009)

Our Students will do readings of the scripts being considered for the July BYFC Community Filmmaking Shoot


The Willoughby Senior Center Wacky Tacky Fashion Show!

Senior Art including: Giant Model Homes (With Plumbing!) Made Out of Cardboard & Recyclables, Handmade Dolls & Jewelry

Artwork by Volunteers from Fort Greene SNAP
by Kids from Brooklyn Child & Family Services

NEXT MONDAY: The complete schedule of BYFC events for the SONYA Stroll

**The Willoughby Senior Center is sponsored by the Fort Greene Council, Inc.

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