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GOING WHERE YOU HAVEN’T BEEN -- Community Filmmaking Entry 5/11/09

In July 2009 Brooklyn Young Filmmakers plans to shoot a short narrative film. We are inviting local residents to be involved in our “Community Filmmaking”. This Monday blog column will keep you updated on our next steps, introduce you to the volunteers and students already involved, and let you know how you might get involved.

Brooklyn Young Filmmakers Poster and
Postcard Art will be on display as part
of the SONYA Stroll this weekend.

BYFC SCAVENGER HUNT: Reminder - Starting June 1st we will put up the details about how, what, and where to donate to items for BYFC’s Fort Greene Information X-Change Stoop Sale that will happen June 27th (see details from our 5/4/09 posting: ) the week of June 8th we will start accepting your donations of items for our sale. Start saving the things you don’t want – but others would value – and help us fund our next Community Filmmaking shoot in July.

UPCOMING: "GETTING STARTED IN FILM", the second class in the BYFC "MAKE A FILM" Class Series, starts May 19th, 6:00pm-9:00pm ($120), and runs on consecutive Tuesdays through June 30th, at NYC College of Technology's Division of Continuing Education in Downtown Brooklyn. It's a comprehensive introduction to how to organize a low-low budget film shoot and how to be a good production assistant. To register: (718) 522-1170

(Students from the current BYFC "INTRO TO SCRIPTWRITING" Class)


The 10th Annual SONYA Stroll next weekend features among its artists the Brooklyn Young Filmmakers who will be showcasing its work at the Willoughby Senior Center, which is located on the campus of Fort Greene public housing. This will be the first time a location in public housing will be featured on the SONYA Stroll. We hope it will create new foot traffic across the neighborhood as neighbors are iinvited to go places they haven't been before to see some great art and emerging talent! Art by seniors from the Willoughby Center, Banneker High School students, children from Brooklyn Child & Family Services, and volunteers from Fort Greene SNAP will also be featured. Banneker students will also do a special presentation on HipHop culture. (See below for full schedule of events.)

Brooklyn Young Filmmakers will be screening the films it produced and discussing Community Filmmaking. The aspiring scriptwriters from the BYFC Class “INTRO TO SCRIPTWRITING: Blueprint for Making a Film” will also do readings of their short scripts on Saturday, May 16th. Comments about the “INTRO TO SCRIPTWRITING” from some of the students:

TINA: “This is my third screenwriting class and all three teachers have had a different take on screenwriting. My first teacher was very character based so for him it was all about developing the back story. The second teacher was all about plot driven scripts. It was all about the inciting incident and where you go from there, the next beat, and the funny twist at the end. This BYFC class is like a very perfect combination of both of those classes. There’s emphasis on the plot points but we never neglect the characters. This class for $90 is incredibly cheap when I paid $1,000 for each of my other classes. (Tina is a 2008 graduate of the City College undergrad Film Program and the cinematographer/editor for BYFC's third film, POINTING FINGERS)

COREY BROOKS: “As an actor I’ve been mainly doing theater. Being in this writing class, even more than acting in a film, has made me realize how important putting down lots of visuals – what actors will do, what they see – is so important to moving the story along.
(Corey is one of the three actors starring in POINTING FINGERS.)

SONNY RODIGUEZ: “This class is showing me how to incorporate visuals into a story. Now when I’m reading a story in school about anything, it could be in a newspaper or a book, I’ll go “Hmmmm. How can I show this visually? What would the person be doing with his hands?” And other people will say those details don’t matter, and I say in my Scriptwriting Class it does.”
(Sonny is a junior in high school.)

JOHN DARGAN: “This scriptwriting class has been one of the best classes I’ve ever taken in my life. I’ve done a number of Youth Media programs: Reel Works; Downtown Community TV Junior Fellowship Program ; William H. Crosby Future Filmmakers Workshop at NYU and I’m doing the Summer Arts Institute this summer. I took the last BYFC “GETTING STARTED IN FILM” Class where we did Pre-Production for POINTING FINGERS. As we workshoped the script we did a whole chart of James Senior’s life going way back to what he did as a young man, even though the script is about him as an old man. Now that I’m taking the “INTRO TO SCRIPTWRITING” Class, I’m realizing now that everything goes back to the development of the script and how important that is. With my past media programs we did storytelling through film, but we didn’t go all the way back to the beginning where we try to understand where the characters came from. We only discussed what the characters were doing in the story we were going to shoot and we put storyboards together and we shot off that. The films ended up with a lot of quotes and music. I see know that the characters and their dialogues weren’t real.” (John is a high school junior who has worked on the crew of the last two BYFC film productions.)




SATURDAY, MAY 16 & SUNDAY, MAY 17 12noon – 6:00pm FREE!
(Visit for a map of all the locations featuring artists work in Fort Greene/Clinton Hill)

Brooklyn Young Filmmakers
at the Willoughby Senior Center
105 N. Portland
(across from Fort Greene Park, between Myrtle & Park)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Viewing of Art on Display
12noon - 6:00pm
- Artists from the Willoughby Senior Center (model houses / jewelry / dolls)
- Brooklyn Young Filmmakers (posters, postcards, still photos from film shoots)
- Beryl Benbow, Paintings (Local Artist & Fort Greene SNAP Volunteer )
- Jenny Chan, Drawings (Local Artist & Fort Greene SNAP Volunteer )
- Brooklyn Child and Family Services, Children's Art (
- Benjamin Banneker High School, "Identity Cubes" ( )

Brooklyn Young Filmmakers Presentations in the Main Hall
Screening of BACK STREETS (32min, 2008) & Discussion of Production History
2:00pm Screening of FROM PAWNS TO KINGS (5min, 2008) & Study Guide Discussion
2:30pm Screening of POINTING FINGERS (Work-In-Progress,15min, 2009) & Discussion
3:30pm Showcase Reading & Analysis of Student Scripts
5:30pm Refreshments and networking
6:00pm Closing

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Viewing of Art on Display
12noon - 6:00pm (See May 16th)

Presentations in the Main Hall

Followed by a multi-media presentation by Benjamin Banneker High School Students:
Examining the Relevancy of HipHop for High Achieving Urban High Schoolers Today
Reading of script, screening of film and discussion of study guide
Screening followed by discussion of production history with Adonis William, Director & Trayce
Gardner, Executive Producer
Reading of 2 scripts – Original student script and shooting script
Screening of film / Intro of cast & crew
Audience input into development of study guide
5:30pm Refreshments & networking
6:00pm Close of Event

*The Willoughby Senior Center is sponsored by the Fort Greene Council, Inc.

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