Tuesday, December 2, 2008


The day before Thanksgiving I saw SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, the new film by the British director Danny Boyle (TRAINSPOTTING, 28 DAYS LATER, see www.imdb.com for more on his films). By the time the movie was ending we the audience – myself most definitely – were swelling in our seats with the type of communal euphoria (joy) experienced the night Barack Obama was elected our next president. The lessons from SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE that echo President-Elect Obama’s campaign:

- You don't have to be a genius or a rich man to know the answers in life – in fact you can start off as a slumdog*** – and still end up getting life right in a big way.

- Someone who is poor can still make a lot out of what little is given.

- Decency can be inherent (or not) in the individual, regardless of class, race, age, and upbringing.

- Sometimes life is just written, call it fate or destiny or luck. The rich can end up poor and the poor can end up rich.

***Well, what is the film SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE really about? (Plot points please!!!) -- Well that will be in my Wednesday entry – ‘Cause I’m being coached: “A good blogger makes regular entries, keeps them short and provocative, and knows how to coax things out in installments.”

What you get now is what I promised you yesterday – info on how to apply to be part of the next BYFC Community Filmmaking Project!

Brooklyn Young Filmmakers

For Fort Greene Residents
But what a great experience you’ll have!)

Brooklyn Young Filmmakers is producing “POINTING FINGERS”, the story of a family whose members angrily point fingers of blame at each other, only to find out that they don’t really know each other – or themselves. We will be shooting this low-budget short film at the Shop Talk & Art Gallery in Fort Greene the weekend of January 16th – 18th, 2009 (it’s our celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr’s holiday!).

Our production team will be made up of BYFC students, emerging filmmakers, and community members – maybe you, if you are a Fort Greene resident. Auditions for actors and interviews for production assistants will be held in late December by appointment in the BYFC office in the Whitman Community Center in Fort Greene public housing. Rehearsals and trainings will be scheduled the first weeks of January. No pay. Meals provided during the shoot.

James Parker Sr: African- American male, 70’s, stern upright military bearing, walks with cane

James Parker Jr: African-American male, 24, ex-drug addict and frustrated musician, trying to get his life right

Janet Parker: African-American female, 35, striving upwardly mobile businesswoman who is ashamed of her brother and her working class background

To apply you must fit one of the character descriptions and have a Fort Greene address. Send us either an acting resume or if you have no experience a short summary of any kind of performing or artistic experiences you have had and why you are interested in acting. Everyone must send a photo and include a phone number.

We are recruiting 5 production assistants from the Fort Greene community. We are looking for a diverse group of neighbors to work with us – from public housing and brownstones, all races, ranging in age from 17yrs and older up to senior citizens. To apply send us a one page summary of your background and why you are interested in being part of the project. Include a phone number!

To apply for an Acting Role or
To be a Production Assistant
Send us your application :
classes@wearebyfc.org or
Mail: Brooklyn Young Filmmakers
149 N. Oxford Walk, Brooklyn, NY 11205 or
Hand Deliver: You must make an appointment


For more info on the BYFC Community Filmmaking Project:
(Our Community Filmmaking Project is made possible
with support from the Citizens Committee of New York)

Wednesday: You'll get the plot for SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE and an introduction to the story we are shooting -- POINTING FINGERS

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